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The following vendors are participating in the 2017 Spring Meeting in Dover, DE. (* 2017 Sponsor)

  • Aeroflex
  • Avtec, Inc.
  • Bird Technologies/TX RX systems *
  • ECi e‐automate
  • EMR Corp. *
  • Enterprise Wireless Alliance
  • Freedom Communication Technologies *
  • Hutton Communications
  • Mobilcomm/Lifeline *
  • Motorola Solutions, Inc.
  • Opt‐in Wireless
  • PRIMUS Electronics *
  • RFI Americas, Inc.
  • Sunny Communications, Inc.
  • Systems Implementation, Inc. *
  • Talley Inc.
  • Teldio *
  • TESSCO Technologies
  • TRBOnet *
  • Washington Radio Reports *

As in past meetings we are expecting to see approximately 100 people from as many as 40 different shops from all over the East Coast, from North Carolina to Maine. The people attending this meeting are the owners, principles and decision makers. This is your opportunity to introduce your products and services to our members in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.