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EDMSSA Training Session's


Registration is now open on our website www.edmssa.org. We offer training sessions in conjunction with our spring meeting to help our member shops achieve or maintain their Motorola requirements. Please register early because seats are very limited.

CET Journeyman training course is a three day session with both certification tests being offered at the end of each session (Tuesday through Thursday, 8 AM to 4 PM) 20 students maximum Course Description: CET Journeyman Training and Certification - Need you’re Technician's ETA/TRN (Formerly USMSS) Journeyman certified? This training is essential for you and the ability of your staff to keep the business running. This training will help satisfy your Motorola service shop requirements. The course creates a great study environment for the Technicians that need extra help to master the information by being in a classroom environment and for your junior technicians; this training will show them the knowledge necessary to become certified. The Instructor, Joe LaGanga has held an ETA Master Technician level certification since 2012, will use his industry knowledge and years of training expertise to work with your technician to help them master the information. The course curriculum will take place over a three-day training session that will focus on the material that is on the certification examinations giving your technicians the knowledge and practical applications to satisfactorily complete the CET Associates (CETa) and the TRN (formerly USMSS) testing requirements. The first class will review the material in the CET Associates study guide to help your techs pass their CETa certification, utilizing the material in the book as well as using real life situations to give practical applications to allow the technician to understand the application. The TRN test is based on the Wireless Communications (WCM) competencies with the addition of areas related to Land Mobile Radio. A wireless communications certification focused primarily on the private wireless industry. The course includes the proctoring of both examinations after the training. Joe will proctor the test at the end of the session. If the student passes both tests they will achieve their CET Journeyman certification from ETA. The fee includes the training class as well as the certification test fees (CETa, and TRN).


ST Training - RF Signal Investigation Techniques (RFSIT) & Antenna Systems Analysis (ASA) training is a four day session with both certification tests being offered at the end of each session (Tuesday through Friday, 8AM - 4 PM)

This class is full. Please use the contact us button to be put on the wait list.

8 Student maximum

Course Description: ST training course - RF Signal Investigation Techniques (RFSIT) & Antenna Systems Analysis (ASA). Don Huston, Bird Technologies will be the instructor for this Motorola Solutions ST training course. He will instruct RF Signal Investigation Techniques (RFSIT) This spectrum analysis certification includes a hands-on verification of modern spectrum analyzer equipment usage. Antenna Systems Analysis (ASA) This Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) certification includes a hands-on verification of modern FDR equipment usage. Two days will focus on RF Signal Investigation Techniques and two days will focus on Antenna Systems Analysis with the exams being offered at the end of each session. There are only eight seats available for this session because of the equipment needed for the hands on training. Please register early if you want a spot in the training. The two certifications can be used towards the technicians CET Masters certification.


R‐56 training course is a four day session with the R56 certification test being offered at the end of class on Friday (Tuesday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM)

12 students maximum - This class is full. Please use the contact us button to be put on the wait list. We have requested a 2nd R56 class with Motorola, but we need to make sure we can fill the session.

Course Description: New R56 Standards Training and Certification - This Motorola Solutions training session will help you achieve the number and level required for R56 Certified Technicians. The course is designed to present the new and existing standards and guidelines for installing a Motorola Solutions communication system. Students will understand how a properly installed system can help to ensure a safe and efficient communications system that will reduce system down time. The Full R56 course is for anyone who has never been certified, have let their R56 certification expire, or has difficulty passing the new exam. The training class is limited to 12 spots, so sign up quickly to secure your spot.  

Registration closes when stock items are depleted. After stock depletion, then "Contact EDMSSA" to be put on the waiting list for the class and openings that may occur. First come, first served.

Limited capacity: Limited capacity: Companies can have up to two students per dues paying shop per training session. If company’s wants more students per class then "Contact EDMSSA" to request to be put on the waiting list for that class.  Registration will open to member shops only. If training slots are not filled by member shops we may open the registration to addtional students or non-member shops that are on our wait list.  We will open the registration on March 13 to anyone on the wait list.  They will be contacted about filling the available spots on a first come, first serve bases.

Refund policy: Refunds will be considered by the committee and only if we can fill the spot with a student on the wait list.

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