Training Sessions

EDMSSA Training Sessions Descriptions

Site Installation Practices (R56) The course is designed to present the new and existing standards and guidelines for installing a Motorola Solutions communications system. Students will understand how a properly installed system can help to ensure a safe and efficient communications system that will reduce system downtime. The full R56 course is for anyone who has never been certified or have let their R56 certification expire. The training session is always limited to 12 students, so sign up quickly to secure your spot.

The training session is a four day session with the R56 certification exam being offered at the end of the class on Friday.

Tuesday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM.    12 students maximum.

Enrollment/registration rules:

Registration: Member company dues paying shop(s) can have up to two students enroll per training session class. The company shop with more than two students to enroll in a class must Contact EDMSSA with student name and e-mail address to be placed on the wait list. Exception to the rule is training sessions with 12 or less students for enrollment. Member company dues paying shop(s) can enroll one (1) student. Request for a second student enrollment please Contact EDMSSA with student name and e-mail address for the wait list. Additionally, more shop student requests will be placed on the wait list.

OUT of STOCK: Registration is closed. You may Contact EDMSSA to request a student added to the wait list.

Refund policy: No refunds due to limited registration time. The Meeting Committee strongly recommends a replacement student in your company or through a fellow member on the wait list. We can suggest members available on the wait list. Contact EDMSSA anytime.