MCEI - Mobile Communications and Electronic Installer :

Mission-Centric Mobile Communications and Electronics Installer (MCEI) class is catered to EDMSSA member personnel from beginning level to expert level to become more proficient at installing and troubleshooting radio communications equipment. The class, as pertaining to installers, will cover radio fundamentals, frequencies and spectrum, RF, antennas, antenna tuning, variations of radio communication systems types, feed lines, power supplies, shore power, installation of mobile radios in vehicles, voltage, current, resistance and their relationship to each other. Additionally, the course will cover the usage of antenna and feed line analyzers, RF propagation, batteries, multi-meters and RF safety. At the completion of this three day program, students will understand radio, radio installation, radio commissioning, decommissioning and troubleshooting and will have acquired the necessary skills to become proficient at implementing mobile radios in the field in any vehicle according to MCEI methods. Moreover, at the completion of this class, attendees will be better equipped to discuss and explain radio concepts to their end-users. Highly educated end-users are radio technicians’ greatest allies. Moreover, students will be equipped and ready to sit for the MCEI certification test. This class will be taught by Chris Dalton, a radio communications technical subject matter expert in Land Mobile Radio communication systems. Both presentation lecture and interactive hands-on will be used to convey the material for maximum learner retention. The certification test is being offered at the end of the training session on Friday. TRAINING PROGRAM (MCEI): • Mobile Installation Fundamentals • Mechanical and Vehicle Basics • Land Mobile Radio Fundamentals • Basic Mobile Installation • Post Installation Procedures


New R56 Standards Certification:

This Motorola Solutions training session will help you achieve the number and level required for R56 Certified Technician’s. The course is designed to present the standards and guidelines for installing a Motorola Solutions communication system. Students will understand how a properly installed system can help to ensure a safe and efficient communications system that will reduce system down time. The student fee includes the certification test. The R56 training class is limited to 12 spots, so sign up quickly to secure your spot.


ST Lite training course is four days (Tuesday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM) 12 students These Motorola Solutions training sessions are designed for Radio Technicians that have already met certain prerequisites. Day 1 & 2 CEN101 Firewall Rules: This course provides the student with an understanding of CENs (Customer Enterprise Networks) and how to restrict IP traffic between CENs and ASTRO systems. Session Prerequisites: NST762 Networking Essentials in Motorola Communications Equipment (ILT), NWT003 ASTRO 25 Systems Applied Networking and CompTIA Network+ Certification. Day 3 half day focuses on Apex Audio Quality –This course provides the student with information on understanding and controlling audio quality Prerequisites: APX7001V APX CPS Programming and Template Building. Half day on Radio Management Overview Participants will learn the capabilities, features, and functions of the APX Radio Management Suite. This course will cover an APX Radio Management Overview, ASTRO25/CEN Networking and UNS Overview, and APX Radio Management Installation, Configuration, and Operations overview. Day 4 Focuses Signal Investigation and Line Sweep This course provides information on how to investigate signal and interference issues. Prerequisites: RDS0002 Basic RF & RDS0004 Basic Radio. Dates: May 3 through May 6, 2016 (4 Days)