Membership Request


Amended August 06, 2015



Section 1. Eligibility for Membership:

Any person, firm or corporation who holds a current Motorola Solutions Servicer Partner appointment shall be eligible for membership in the EDMSSA, Inc. (the Association).

Section 2. Application for Membership:

Applications for membership in the Association shall be made in writing to the Board of Directors upon a form approved by the Board. The applicant shall agree therein, if admitted to membership, to accept and be governed by the Bylaws of the Association and to pay such dues and expenses as are properly assessed by the Board of Directors.

Association Membership Request Process:

The process to establish a new company to be an Association member is two-fold:

  1. Select the Request for Association Membership Form link. Complete the form and press the "Request Membership" button.
  2. Next: Show proof you are a Motorola Service Partner. Go to Motorola Solutions Motorola-On-Line (MOL) through your access password and drill down to your company Service Location(s).
    MOL/Account Status/Service Partner & ID Scoreboard/Service Partner/Locations & Compliance/Service Locations (bottom of page).
    Take a snapshot or copy/paste of the location(s)/compliance and send it by e-mail to .

The Association Membership Director will process the membership form and review the location(s) & compliance copy supplied. The Membership Director will forward the approved completed membership form to the Association Treasurer. The Treasurer will add the new member into the association database.

The Membership director will forward a Web Site Presence Form to the new member. The completed form and company logo are then reviewed for conformity to the Member’s Directory design. The approved form and logo will be forwarded to the web site manager to be installed on the web site.

Request for Association Membership Form (pdf)
Request for Association Membership Form (xls)