2014 Technician of the Year

On behalf of the EDMSSA, I am pleased to announce Brian McGinness from Wireless Communications, Inc. Arlington, VA as the recipient of the 2014 EDMSSA Technician of the Year Award. Wireless Communications Inc. submitted a very impressive nomination in recognition of Brian’s outstanding technical performance. Here are a few of the comments made by Wireless Communications Inc.

“Brian’s uncanny ability to diagnose and resolve problems continues to be an invaluable asset to our Corporation and Motorola Solution’s Customer’s. Brian volunteered to attend a meeting after learning about a problem from one of our State and Local Customers that interoperates with a local Fed Customer. There was an ongoing problem with the Motorola APX’s not working on a competing system. The Customer was frustrated and demonstrated how all competing subscriber equipment worked on the system, but not the Motorola APX. The issue had been escalated and the Motorola Solutions Product Manager and Engineer attended the meeting. This Fed user is currently not a Wireless Communications Inc. Customer. After some discussion and idea gathering, Brian asked a few questions about how the units were being used and in what environment. As typical, Brian quickly deduced that the APX’s worked well in clear mode, but not in an encrypted mode. He realized that the latency and timing of the encryption is the issue and sought the data from the Motorola Product Group attendees. The Product Group conveyed the timing information is not published, but agreed with the diagnosis. This should result in APX product design changes that will have a worldwide impact. This is a small example of Brian’s unselfish attitude toward problem resolution and customer care. Brian’s attitude toward problem resolution has benefited our organization for over 30 years. His understanding of our business and the evolution of technology is remarkable. He is a person of great integrity and an invaluable asset.”