2012 Technician of the Year

The EDMSSA are pleased to announce Andrew Johns from Hankey’s Radio Inc. as the 1st recipient of the EDMSSA Technician of the Year Award. Hankey’s Radio Inc. submitted a very impressive nomination in recognition of Andrew’s outstanding technical performance. Here are a few of the comments made by Hankey’s Radio Inc.

"Andrew consistently corrects equipment faults in one trip and takes the initiative to correct additional tasks/problems he discovers on site. He perseveres to ensure efficient, reliable, quality repairs to customer equipment. Andrew is regularly tasked with resolving difficult problems, and sought out for technical discussions. Technical ability allows him to be placed to work alongside senior Motorola technicians and engineers on a regular basis, and is repeatedly requested by name to assist on projects. Andrew works very well independently and gladly assists in training new employees and familiarizing them with processes and procedures."

We will be recognizing Andrew John’s at the EDMSSA spring meeting at the Annapolis Westin Hotel, Annapolis MD April 17, 2013 where he will receive his $ 1,000 award. Congratulations to Andrew Johns on being the first winner of the EDMSSA Technician of the Year.